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Fibre Channel Switches - FibreConnect™ Products

Fibre Channel Switches

  • Completely scalable end-to-end SAN connectivity
  • Designed for low latency to ensure smooth and reliable transfers
  • Perfect for IT, virtual environments, archival solutions, and Media and Entertainment environments

ATTO FibreConnect Fibre Channel Switches bring together high performance with exclusive latency management features for a completely scalable end-to-end SAN connectivity solution. This combination ensures smooth and reliable data transfers on a SAN to keep pace with growing business demands. FibreConnect 16Gb & 8Gb Fibre Channel switches streamline workflow processes and are ideal for streaming media, virtualized and backup and recovery applications.

  • Includes SFPs
  • Designed, built and tested for low latency to ensure smooth and reliable transfers
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted bandwidth for time-sensitive applications
  • Facilitates collaborative workflows allowing multiple users to share media resources, increasing productivity
  • Pay-as-you-grow options enable organizations to add FibreChannel ports at their own pace in an affordable, flexible and non-disruptive manner
  • Simplifies administration with easy implementation and comprehensive management tools
  • Industry's only comprehensive SAN solution for Mac OS X
  • Fully tested and interoperable SAN solution
Fibre Channel Switches - FibreConnect™ Products
Product: Available: Available: Available: Speed:
FibreConnect 1600 Series --- 12 port 24 port 16Gb
FibreConnect 8300 Series 8 port 16 port 24 port 8Gb